Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yes, Readers, There IS A Decent Corporation!

This year for Christmas I got my very own Miracle on N Street!

A bit of background information first. I'm somewhere between moderately and severely hearing impaired. I may or may not not have mentioned it in my 100 things about me post, I can't remember. Most of my regular readers are friends who know this. So a year and a half ago I got hearing aids. They were $2,000 each and insurance doesn't cover them (even IF I HAD insurance, which I didn't and still don't). Enter Casper. Yup, suffice it to say I now have a $4,000 dog and no hearing aids.

I've tried everything I could think of because there's no way I can pay the $4,000. The loss and damage warranty expired in May, 6 months ago. I couldn't find help anywhere. The audiologist didn't hold out much hope but said I could bring them in and he'd see if the company could repair them since that might be cheaper and within my reach. On Monday I got a call from the receptionist. They were NOT fixable BUT for no reason that I know of the company, Oticon*Delta, was extending the warranty! THAT'S RIGHT! A company was bending over backwards to help an individual! As of next week I'll have 2 brand new hearing aids! I don't know why and I don't care. They didn't have to. Not that any or many of you need hearing aids lol but I thought they deserved a shout out. So thanks for restoring my faith in human decency, Oticon*Delta!

By the way, I was doing some research on them...their motto is People First. How about that?


marythemom said...

What is it with dogs and hearing aides? My sister got a Jack Russell terrier that chewed up nothing but electronics (wii controllers were his favorite). The dog was left tied up all the time or in the backyard (not saying I approved of this). Our dad came to visit and, you guessed it, the one time he got of his leash he ran into the house, straight into the guest bedroom, jumped and snatched those hearing aides right off the top of the dresser and ate them. No one knows why. No one wanted to retrieve the remains (for some reason).

So glad the company bought you new ones! My dad had to buy his own.

Mary in TX

PS My sister found a new home for the dog.

Becky said...

Mary~I don't know what it is with other electronics but honestly? Gross as it is....cats and dogs seem addictively attracted to ear wax! All the cats AND the dog go after q-tips with a mad passion as well.

And lol I wonder why no one went after the remains. (to be clear here...Casper chewed them up. I didn't go after anything!) :)

marythemom said...

LOL Becky. Yes, my sister's dog chewed them up before "processing" them as well.

That's interesting on the ear wax thing. That could explain why it went straight to them when it should have had no idea they were there. It probably smelled the wax.

Mary in TX

marythemom said...

You won an award! Come to my blog to pick it up!

Mary in TX

One Womans Thoughts said...

Had to laugh at this one. (Yes, it is ear wax that many animals are attracted to, as other body smells, like shoes and underwaer, oh . . . sorry to have said that, but it's true. LOL) I have hearing aids too and have to admit that they can get lost easily. I lost one while shopping and trying clothes on(over my head) in the dressing room.Of course never to be found. The aids have changed my life.