Tuesday, July 8, 2008

That's My Boy

To lighten the mood after my previous post I thought I'd share some shining examples of J's sense of humor. It's one of my favorite things about him and his is similar to my family's rather dry, wacky sense of humor.

Post "deer hit:"
1. As we pulled into the yard on Saturday he excitedly noticed a deer in the yard, as usual. This time though he shouted a friendly warning, "Run for your life! She's a deer killer!"

2. We went to the movies Sunday with my sister and her dh. J and Ty rode with them to the theater and Cory, L, and I rode in our car. As we pull into the parking spot on their passenger side (where J was getting out of the car) he quips, "Don't hit us! We're not deer and we come in peace!" and falls to the ground laughing.

Tonight, as we were discussing the destruction of the mattress protector (thin plastic liner) on his bed:
Me: You NEED to make your bed. If you don't you'll finish shredding your mattress pad. It won't be comfy sleeping on plastic anyway.
J: It's not MY fault it's ripped.
Me (with brow arched): Then whose is it?
J (in a sweet, sure tone of voice with a wicked sweet smile and glint in his eyes): God's.

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