Monday, July 21, 2008

A Brief Review (The Name of the Wind)

You might not know it if you missed the few posts I've written regarding books or reading, but reading is a passion of mine. It runs in the family, so much so that my brother owns a bookstore. Lol you already know that if you've read this. On top of owning a bookstore my brother also writes book reviews for the local paper. So, yes, he reads...A LOT. He recently recommended a book, The Name of the Wind, to me. I wasn't sure about it but he was persistant and I finally gave in. I didn't regret it! He reviewed it on his review blog The author, Patrick Rothfuss, has garnered copious amounts of praise for it, his first book, and it's been likened to the Lord of the Rings. Yes, it's fantasy. But guess what? I can't of course promise that you'll like it but I DO promise you don't have to be a fan of fantasy to. It's sad sometimes, hysterically funny at others, and so well written it was just a fast, easy read.

Just a quick note~this is Book One of a three book series known as the King Killer Chronicles.

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Away2me (Deanna) said...

After Breaking Dawn I might have to get this book.