Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching Up

Obviously I've been neglecting my blog. It's so strange how you can feel so busy and yet not feel like there's anything to write about.'s what's been up in our lives since last I wrote.

Ty has been sick. Where he caught it I don't know but mono has been going around and he caught it. He's coming into week three of being down with it. He's been feeling pretty good for a while now so the hardest thing on him has been the restricted activities that go along with it. He's missed bike riding the most but is also upset because he'll be missing the first two soccer practices of the season.

I've been getting some big projects done around the house. Well, maybe not big but things above the normal daily routine. I took apart, cleaned, and fixed the ceiling fan in my room; hoed out Ty's closet, deep cleaned the kitchen, and prepared for a yard sale. Which we have yet to have. I've also managed to swing us a vacation! We're going to be camping at a campground that has a lot to do and where we got a great deal. We'll also be going to some attractions that are in that area as well. We're all really excited. We leave Monday and will be back Friday.

In amongst all of the yard sale prep, cleaning, and vacation planning and prep....I GOT AN INTERVIEW! I went this morning at 8:30. It's not a full time position (and I'm not even sure it's permanent), but it's perfect for me for this year. It's 4.5 hrs/day maximum but the hourly rate is GREAT so I'd have wonderful hours and still make the most money I've ever made in a year lol. The interview went well as far as I could tell but I don't have a feeling if I got it or not. If I don't it just wasn't meant to be. Of course I'll keep you posted!

There's been nothing more on J and L's case, though something MUST be happening soon. I have reason to think that the next hearing (goal change) will be happening within the next few weeks. As far as behavior goes things have settled down. Still no rages since visits have stopped. None. I HAVE figured out that although L is physically 4 and smart as the dickens, somehow behaviorally he is more like 18 months-2 years. He needs a lot of supervision. In my head I've seen this for a while now but it's really hit home this summer. Two cases in point: he recently had a sticker on as we got in our car. We hadn't left the parking lot from where he'd gotten it when I heard, "Mom, he ate his sticker." Then just a few days ago I had to take him to the ped to have his ear flushed because he'd stuck a piece of bird food in it. I know, I know. Lots of kids do that. But most do it earlier, like at 2. He's non stop and it can be exhausting, though I don't want to seem like I'm complaining. It just is what it is.

School starts a few days after we get back from our vacation. So we need to be getting ready for that as well. And in good news I was approved for a car loan so I will possibly be looking into getting something with more seating after things settle down a bit. Exciting times!


Away2me (Deanna) said...

I hope you get the job and I know you are going to have a blast on vacation.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how your vacation goes!

soblessed said...

VERY cool for the vacation adn the interview and the car!!

Not so much for the mono, poor T. ((HUGS))

Having you in his life is a real stabilizer for J..., he's free to finally do all those things he had to put on the back burner in the interest of survival. These are good things, too. A little disconcerting, but good.... :)

Have a BLAST on vacation!!