Saturday, September 20, 2008


Like a lot of kids, especially with ADHD, J isn't very good at taking care of his things. I told him on Monday to put his soccer shin guards away after soccer practice. The next day they were still there. I told him again to put them up. He picked up both outer socks and one of the hard inserts but left the other. I told him later to put THAT one up. This morning he knew he had a game that started at 10. I had him getting ready a little after 9. By 9:40 he hadn't found ANY of the shin guard pieces. At about 10 he found the socks and one insert. By this time Cory, Ty, and I were all helping him look as well. I found it at 10:35 shoved behind the toy hamper in the playroom. By then the game was half over and he was crying because there was just no point in going. I hope he learned his lesson from it and tries harder to take care of his things. just stinks.

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soblessed said...

Ouch is right! Hard lesson. Hope he makes it count....

You must have been totally exasperated with him and sad for him all at the same time!