Friday, October 3, 2008

Here We Go

I got some news about the case for J and L this week. I've had to process it and think about what I can and shouldn't post here. It boils down to I feel like I need to tell more than I probably should.

As it stands now there are 2 court dates scheduled. Something will be happening before the first that I am hopeful will make the second either unneccesary or at least a bigger step in the direction of permanency. I guess I can say that there is an appointment for the boys that may bring to light some of the things I've known for a while that will help the judge make the right decision. I have some mixed emotions about this appointment. I'm excited that it's happening, especially soon enough that any info can be brought up in court the next time we go. At the same time I am beyond pissed that it has taken this long for the powers that be to see that it needed done. From the moment I was contacted about J and L I was told that what will be addressed at this appointment was a probability so I am furious that nothing was done to bring it to light until now. I've seen the signs, heard the boys say things that prove it. I've reported all of it but because nothing was done sooner other things will allow the parents' side to cast doubt on it if it does come up now. All of this has led to the fact that I'll not just be testifying but I'll be raked over the coals so to speak. Just to show how bad it is...I recently found out that L told the cw the same information directly and she refuses to touch it with a ten foot pole (for the cases's sake AND her own). Thus the sudden need for this appointment.

The other thing that was brought up to me was a proposal made by the parents' lawyer. I'm not sure I should discuss the details here but if I change my mind at some point I'll go into a little more detail. My point in bringing it up is that it feels like a last ditch effort by the parents to hold on to something of the boys. Given the circumstances at this point I am not willing to agree to it. The county is of the same mind for now. I'd like to but I just don't believe it's in the boys' best interest.

I'm sorry all this is so vague. I'd like to ask any readers to please be praying for the boys for the next little while. It would be greatly appreciated!