Thursday, December 4, 2008

Steps to Manhood

Cory took one last night that was more like a leap than a step. Aside from moving up to Middle School this might be the most noticeable step to maturity he's taken. He shaved! It started 2 nights ago when he said to me, "Mom, I hate my mustache. Can I PLEEEASE shave it?" I really couldn't say no to that so yesterday I bought him shaving cream and a disposable razor. He let me give him tips but wouldn't let me take any pictures lol. He proudly allowed Ty to watch too.

All of this lead to the following conversation this morning.

Cory (to J and L): "You guys didn't even notice I shaved last night."

J: "Let me see." Pause. "Oh yeah! Now I see. It's all red and bumpy."

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Away2me (Deanna) said...

Oh wow. That's a huge step. I think that's bigger than middle school! LOL