Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pinch Me...I'm Not Irish

This morning at our house....

Scene 1- J enters the kitchen in green shorts.
Me: "You can't wear shorts! It's not THAT warm."
J: "I don't have anything else green."
Me: "Yeah you do. Go find it." (At this point I suggested no less than 3 green articles of clothing he might chose from.)
J retires to his bedroom to change.

Scene 2~ J re-enters the kitchen, stomping his feet and unchanged.
J: "You're ruining my life, mom! I need to wear these shorts!"
Me: "What's wrong with wearing something else green?"
J (whining): "I DON'T have anything else with green on it." (Trust me here. He does.)
Cory: "J, you don't want to wear green anyway. Then the girls can't pinch you."
J considers this, a smile spreads across his joyous face. He retires to his bedroom to don a pair of jeans and a red dress shirt.

Scene 3- J gets in the car as I pick him up after school.
Me: "Hey, bub. How was your day?"
J (huge smile lighting up his face) : "The best!!! The girls were pinching me all day!"

Hmmm. I don't know if I should thank Cory for stopping a tantrum in it's tracks or kick his heinie for starting J on this track already lol.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! May ya have all the pinches ya like from your favorite Lil' Leprechaun!