Monday, October 20, 2008

Case Updated

I can't go into much detail but we had another hearing for the boys. I'm not overly stressing yet but let's just say it isn't over. The appointment I vaguely alluded to in my last post about the case? It led to an investigation, as I expected and hoped, but didn't make much of a difference in court. I doubt it will be founded or substantiated at this point. What bothers me is that I've reported everything the boys have told me and I feel like there are people that could contribute to the case but no one has talked to them. I feel like no one is fighting hard enough for these kids and I am so limited in what I can do. It's frustrating!

Things are about to get worse too. The boys are now going to be going through some stuff in the "interests of making the right decision" that could have us seeing major setbacks in behavior around here. Again, more on this as I can if I can say something without saying too much.

That's all I can say right now EXCEPT the one bright spot is that through all of this the cw told my inside source at the county that it went better than she expected. That continues to give me hope!

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Away2me (Deanna) said...

Gosh Becky I wish this would just get finalized so that those boys can have some permanent peace and normalcy. And you too!