Thursday, January 1, 2009

Deja Vu

For some reason the end of 2008 feels no different than the end of 2007. Not much has this point I still don't have a job and the boys' case hasn't been settled. Both of these things will likely be resolved soon. I have 2 prospects job-wise, one is a pretty sure thing and one is a long term sub position I'm applying for. As far as the case goes everything that can be done on either side seems to have been done. It'll be 2 years in Febuary so the judge is going to HAVE to decide soon. This next court hearing, most likely late January or early February, should see some answers in that arena. Right now I'm pretty stressed about it all the time. I KNOW they can't go home because I've heard first hand the torture they endured there but coming from me doesn't help the court case as my credibility has been called into question by their family.

I don't feel like I accomplished much in 08. It went by in a blur and left few changes to make me take notice. There are SOME good things of course. Looking back I'm proud of my parenting overall. I've helped J and L over some major hurdles and we continue to work on others. I'm proud of the young men Cory and Ty are becoming and that's in a large part due to me. There were some great times that I'll remember and cherish forever...our vacation and a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve to name a few. And of course I'm blessed beyond measure by my boys, my family, and my friends. Ah well...bring on 2009 LOL.

To all of you...May 2009 be a healthy, peaceful, joyous, and prosperous year!

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