Friday, May 23, 2008

A Bad Place to Be

I've got bad news. The court date was postponed yet again. This is beyond ridiculous. Apparently it's beyond their control this time...there won't be a lawyer for the parents that day. I just can't help but think that if they'd done what they were supposed to do when they should've we wouldn't be in this position. We should've been in court yesterday for the 15 month review. Now it's more likely to be the 16 month review! I won't know for sure when it's been rescheduled for until at least Tuesday because of course no one who knows anything is in today. The only way this could be good news is if they get an EARLIER date. What do we suppose the chances of that are?.....Yeah. That's what I thought too.

The worst part of it is that J is going to go ballistic. He comes home and counts the days until June 5th and asks, "How many more visits are there?" Now I think some people will probably disagree with the fact that he even knows so much about what's going on. If I didn't know J I probably would, too. The big BUT is that if I (or a cw) came from court to tell him what happened AFTER it happened he'd be furious and feel betrayed. As hard as it is for him to know, he can't deal with the lack of control there is for him in not knowing. He also doesn't trust adults easily so you have to be very upfront and honest with him. There's just no winning in this situation.

If you're one for prayer, readers, please do! I'll update about this as I know more.

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