Thursday, May 8, 2008

Case Updated

I'm going to tell the whole story of getting this news today so let me prepare anybody reading...the news turns out good. Don't panic when you read the beginning lol.

I've been expecting word of the 15 month hearing for J and L. They just had the meeting yesterday so I was thinking the paperwork might come maybe tomorrow IF someone was on the ball. Well, the certifed letters came today. I literally got a shock that made me sick to my stomach when I opened it. The county was asking for the boys to remain in care for 6 more months. I couldn't breathe I was so upset! I don't think J could take another 6 months. I immediately called the cw. She didn't answer so I left a rather terse message asking her to call me. She returned my call in minutes and here's where the news gets good.

She started with, "I gather you already got some mail." She apologized profusely that she hadn't called me to explain before I got the certified letters. She meant to but didn't expect that it would come so fast. The upshot is that the hearing has been continued until June 5th but the county is going to ask for TPR and she feels VERY confident that the judge will grant it. I basically knew all this but it seems so much more real now! After all the boys have gone through...this has been too hard fought and too long coming. It'll be so great to have it over with!

So....I'm counting down by how many of the very worst days (Saturdays...visit days) we have until the hearing. 4! And it could be all over! Or 3 after this week lol. That sounds better I think lol.

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Kathy's Korner said...

WOO HOO!!! and how scary all at the same time!!

4 more horrendous Saturdays.

Dig deep guys.