Saturday, May 24, 2008

Update to A Bad Place to Be

I could cry. At breakfast J was cheering "One more visit after today." This just sucks.

The boys' new cw, T, was at their visit today (along with the cw who regularly supervises). On the way home they told me that she mentioned asking the judge to let them have a few more visits. I don't think she's going to start poking her nose in at 15 months and change things (though the thought that she might HAS occured to me) so I'm not too worried that she means they won't still be going for tpr. That still leaves the question of what she DOES mean. I can think of 2 things....she was trying to find out about how the boys would feel about "goodbye visits" OR trying to give J a reason for the extra visits that will happen because of the delay in the proceedings. If she is trying to string J along she'll regret it. It won't satisfy him. He'll still be expecting to hear news of the hearing on the 5th. At any rate now I sit here til Tuesday knowing that the crap is up in the air but not knowing exactly which way the wind is blowing it (so to speak).


Kathy's Korner said...

caught up!

The new caseworker is in for it if she tells them they have more visits!!

how did the boys respond to her when she asked that?

Becca said...

I don't really know if she asked or TOLD them she was going to ask for more visits but I do know that J is terrified of his dad and wouldn't have given a true reaction either way.