Thursday, May 1, 2008

Turn, Turn, Turn

I'm begining to dread mornings. This morning started early with noise from the lil' boys room. We're finally all downstairs for breakfast when J starts lol and says, "Does that say what I THINK it does?" I go to the fridge and see spelled out in magnetic letters "F you." J hates reading his hw book every night but THAT he can sound out. didn't start the day off on a good note. (Turn around-When I finally dealt with it tonight Tyler admitted to doing it just to fool around. Discipline calmly handed out and it's dealt with.)

It's Thursday and if I'm not working it seems to be my cleaning day. I got a lot done. (Turn around-we hadn't been home 20 mins when the house was trashed.)

My cousin Dawn watched Jand L (Cory was at tutoring at school) so that I could take Ty for a doctor appointment. He's been having stomach issues and I was getting worried. (Turn around-he probably just needs more fiber.)

Jay kicked me on my shin so hard I have a bruise. He was only joking and kicked harder than he meant to but it's still NOT acceptable. (Turn around-He felt bad and apologized. We also all had a serious talk about the house rules at dinner time. Beneficial to all I hope.)

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