Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Story

I've known since I was a young teen that having kids would mean adopting. I figured that I'd get married and we'd do domestic infant adoptions. Well, I never met "the one." I came close once. If I had to I guess I'd even say I'm still in love with him. The timing was wrong though and it just wasn't meant to be. I decided at 32 that if I waited for a man to come along I might never have kids so I started researching my options. I decided that adopting through foster care was the best option for me. I started the process and was approved (and on edge lol) in October 03.

In late January I got a call through the county for adoption. Of a newborn. Unheard of! Due in early Feb. Weeks of waiting lead to the call to go get some basics and get prepared! Then...NOTHING. Finally a call. It wasn't going to happen. I didn't have time to be depressed, though! On Feb 26th I got a call. Would I take a 6 year old for fostercare? He'd be going home but please would I be willing? I said yes and Tyler Scott came into my life. I loved him from the start. After 12 months of trying to reunify, the goal was changed to tpr and adoption. On Dec 08 05 it was made official!

See the next post for part 2!

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