Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Story Part 2

In late September 04 I got a call about Cory, a 9 yr old boy they needed respite care for. Would I take him for the weekend? I wasn't interested in respite AT ALL. So why did I say yes? I'm not sure. I think God did it lol. His parents had already lost their rights so after I met him and fell in love lol I called his caseworker and set up weekend visits with the idea of possibly adopting him. It didn't get that far. There was a shake up in the fc in our area and they called and asked if I would take him as a fc placement immediately. It was an uphill battle for him, though, actually. But it was made final, along with Ty, on Dec. 8th 2005. Woohoo! I had my boys.

In June of 06 we moved to a bigger home from our apt. and I began to "get the urge." Lol. So after much soul searching and praying, I reactivated our fc status. In Feb. of 07 J and L came to live with us. I knew from the beginning that their situation was serious and they shouldn't, and probably wouldn't, go home. It's been a hard year because I've dealt with the consequences of visits gone bad and past trauma. So worth it though, don't get me wrong. We're all just ready for it to be over!

I should mention that we have other members of our family though lol. Our 3 cats are: Abby (the perfect princess), Noah (aka No-no the Naughty), and Sparky (Fatboy).

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