Monday, June 2, 2008

Less (News) is More (Stress)

The hearing is now scheduled for June 19th. Other than that I STILL don't really know much more than I did before and part of what I now know is NOT good news. Apparently there is disagreement among people in the county as to what's best for the boys so that's all up in the air again. I'm still hopeful that the judge will see the truth and do what's best for the boys. I'd feel better though if the county and the GAL went into the hearing asking for the same thing. As it stands now ANYTHING could happen at this hearing.

Saturday was hard. J raged for about 45 minutes before the visit. He later admitted that it was because of the visit but during it he was completely making up stuff to scream at me about. For instance...I "broke a lovie" of his (that a. was NOT remmotely ripped or otherwise broken and b. I hadn't touched). He got over it and we made it to the vist but he was edgy the rest of the day as well.

Sunday was a much needed "fun day." We went to the circus with my parents and my sister and her dh. It wasn't a huge circus but the boys all liked it. Cory was a bit jaded (think "This is it?") at times but even he enjoyed it. We all ate out together after so all in all it was a really nice day.

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