Monday, June 16, 2008

My Scariest Moment

This is the second thing Cam tagged me to do. Not that I's kinda fun but this one is HARD. How did you pin down your scariest moment?

My scariest moment? Probably when the cw told me that I wouldn't be allowed to adopt Cory. They'd called and beggged me to take him for respite then long-term fc. He'd already been to and left 3 OTHER homes and they were going to make him move again after 6 months with me when his parents had already had their rights terminated? For him to go to an adoptive home where he knew no one? I didn't think so. Well, it worked out but I remember not being able to breathe when I heard that.

1 comment:

Pep said...

That would be scary, Becky. Just look how things turned out!

Checking your blog for up-dates from today! You're in my thoughts today.

Hugs, Pep