Friday, June 13, 2008

I'll Take It

I got a little bit of news yesterday. There apparently is so much disagreement within the county about what to do with the case that they plan on going in and presenting their case and letting the judge just decide. In other words they're not asking for anything. They're just going to present and let him take the reigns with no actual official opinion from them. All things considered, I'll take it. It means it's very unlikely that a decision won't be reached and knowing the case as I do I THINK we can prove to the judge how dangerous it would be for the boys to go home. That means that tomorrow's visit could be the last one (with the possible exception of a good bye visit).

Please readers pray! Some of you may feel you don't know enough of the story to pray for them to not go home. If so, would you please consider just praying for what's best for them? I'm trying to put my faith and trust in God that whatever happens will be exactly their best interests! I'm not totally objective because I love them so much BUT I have heard from them time and time again some of the stuff they've been through. I hope no matter what next Thursday brings that part of their life is over.


Renee said...

I am praying for their best interest as well....but in my heart I know that means staying right where they are...with YOU! {{{hugs}}} Wish I could give you a real one!

Pep said...

I am praying, too, Becky!
Keep looking up! Hugs ~ Pep

Kathy's Korner said...

will do Becky!!!