Saturday, June 7, 2008

Time Flies

So far today has been a pretty good day as far as behavior, especially as it's day one for the bigger 3 with no ADHD meds and it's the dreaded "v" day. I was literally sick to my stomach last night dreading today. It's been a full day, though, and I think that helps. It breaks my heart that the only way J can handle visits is if he's so distracted the rest of the day he doesn't have to deal with it internally.

We started the day by picking Ty up from his lock-in, an all night slumber party held at the school by the 4th grade teachers. We then headed to the STPR Pro-Rally which starts right down the block from us pretty much. After the visit J had a birthday party to go to and the rest of us went to the library and then hunted down a new a/c for downstairs. It's installed (yeah me and Cory lol). After a light dinner we're meeting my friend for ice cream and then relax and bed.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. We can sleep in and then we'll head to my sisters' to have a cookout, meet her new goats, and check on the chicks that she was kind enough to take from Ty's class experiement.


Kathy's Korner said...


Why no meds?

Becca said...

Just trying to give em a break from it and any side effects. Medicine is all well and good when it's needed but if I can survive the summer without it, do they need it? It's basically an experiment right now anyway. I've never done it before so waiting to see how it goes.

Renee said...

Good luck with no meds!! I hope you can do it!