Monday, June 30, 2008

Life After Visits

It's amazing how much stress the visits and case were causing in our lives. The difference has been striking! J is the pretty much easy going kiddo I used to know. He has his moments but they seem to be mainly reasonable kid moments. There has not been a single rage since the cw stopped by to tell the boys that visits were going to stop until the judge made up his mind. For the moment at least, the whole messy situation isn't in every activity, every moment of our day. I have to admit I like it.

We've been busy here lately. Despite the fact that it seems to rain at least for a bit nearly every day we've manged to get in some summer fun. Swimming, mini golfing, going to the park, that kind of thing. I'm working on a small mini get away and there's still camping to look forward to as well.

Yesterday we went to a small circus that was at the local fairground. It was pretty good for such a small one and it was especially nice because we were able to go with Ty's family. His mom, sister, grandparents, and 2 cousins made it. After that we went to my sister's for dinner and a tour of their new home! (same property but their new house is finished and gorgeous!)

The not givng adhd meds over the summer thing seems to be working out well. Seems like the worst that's going on is chasing after the messes they make and the occasional bout of the summer grouchies. The boys really know what buttons to push on each other and then I get to hear "Mom, he's got my toy." "Mom, he's looking at me." "Mom, he called me hippy." I can't really say that either of these things would be helped significantly, if at all, with meds so I'll deal with it and be grateful they aren't driving me nuts lol.

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Away2me said...

Oh Becky I'm so glad you can have some peace in your family right now. Well, as much peace as you can have with 4 growing boys. LOL