Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I mentioned before that I LOVE food. I've always loved to eat and most of my family are great cooks. For the longest time I thought the cooking "gene" had skipped me lol. When I was a nanny and then living on my own I had three or four staples I made but I didn't cook much. Tuna noodle casserole and green bean casserole were my go to "dishes to pass" when I needed one. I still use them to a point. I made lasagna and eggplant parm for the last family I nannied for on occasion. It wasn't until I had all 4 boys that I really settled down to cooking on a regular basis. LOL Cory, Ty, and I ate a lot of processed food and Mc'Ds before Jay and Logan arrived. The more cooking I did, of course, the better I got. I really enjoy cooking, especially now that Cory has taken an interest and cooks with me quite often. And I enjoy the process, the food itself, and even the occasional compliment or thank you from the boys! It adds a whole new dimension to enjoying the food I'm eating.

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